Creating a Vision Board on Instagram

At the beginning of the year, I was so pumped to start a vision board that I rushed to Target to buy a cork board and some push pins. But I ran into a problem of not finding magazine clippings that truly captured the goals/visions/mantras I had envisioned for my life. If I was going to stare at this board every day for motivation, the images and words need to be spot on.

My solution? Create a vision board on Instagram! Here’s a glimpse of mine: 

It’s a bit personal for me to share mine as I’m a naturally private person, buuuuut why not. I have a mix of some quotes, my blog of course, and my dream family car: a black Jeep Grand Cherokee! The possibilities are endless for your board!

Reasons why this board works well:

  1. The chances of finding an inspirational photo or quote on your phone through social media and the internet is far far greater than running across one in a magazine.
  2. You get to caption each photo with your thoughts on what the vision means to you, what inspires you to achieve it, when you will accomplish it by, etc. Putting words behind your vision makes it stronger.
  3.  Your vision board is portable! Whenever you need a pick-me-up in the middle of work or school, just open your Instagram and look at your board. The more you see it, the more you’re inspired to achieve it.
  4. Your photos are perfectly displayed in nice little squares

My favorite part is reading my captions. Sometimes I get out of touch with my desired goals and mantras that reading back on the “why” keeps me grounded. It adds that much more encouragement to meet that vision.

I created a separate Instagram account from my personal one for the board. I set it to private (unless you want to share with the world) and follow it from my personal account.

I hope you may find this helpful and let me know if you try it out! Any and all questions are welcome.

Cheers to always seeking self-improvement (:


4 thoughts on “Creating a Vision Board on Instagram

    • julesinlife says:

      Ah yes, it can take a good while to swift through magazines to get a good amount of clippings. I figured since I’m on my phone a lot (probably not a good thing), I might as well look at positive things 🙂


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