14 weeks until graduation!

I want to quickly document a very special day: January 30, 2016. On that Saturday morning, I officially made my very last college tuition payment and applied for graduation this coming spring.

I’m ready to say goodbye to late night studying and watching an unhealthy amount of Chopped instead. Although I may have done more whining and moaning than necessary these past 5 years, I will never forget how blessed I am to receive this education. My mom (aka my hero/roommate/personal chef) works incredibly hard everyday to make sure I never stress about paying a single dollar of tuition. How lucky I am. It’s a shame I can sometimes take my education and financial security for granted.

My intention for this last semester is to savor all of the good and bad that may come, especially bad. There will be all-nighters and it will take me 30 minutes to find parking some days, but I will try and be grateful for it all (might regret saying this). It’s all a part of the experience, right?

But more than anything, I want to make my mama proud. Can’t wait to see her in the crowd smiling and cheering for me on May 13th (:

98 days to go! 

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