Tuesday Series: The Little Things

Every Tuesday, I want to post 7 “little things” that made me smile recently. I hope these will put a smile on your face, too (:

  1. The sound of surprise and relief in my mom’s voice when I told her I’d get started on cooking dinner. (I never ever cook dinner..I’m a bad child, I know)
  2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavored Larabars #yes
  3. Not wearing a bra under layers of heavy winter clothes
  4. Bananas that ripen overnight just in time for breakfast
  5. The crisp bite of a refrigerated Fuji apple rinsed under cold water
  6. Waking up in a familiar place every morning
  7. Watching the mellow sunset on a rooftop overlooking the Washington Monument on a Saturday evening

The best things are the littlest things we sometimes don’t think twice about.

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