The Little Things #9

  1. Weekend getaway to a town far, far away from the city
  2. When the sun kisses your skin for the first time all year
  3. Laughing so hard you’re scared you may die because you can’t breathe
  4. Our ability to memorize
  5. Not taking yourself seriously on the mat. Breathe, have fun, try something new.
  6. When you suddenly become friends with everyone at the bar after a couple drinks
  7. The restorative sound of rain

The past (almost) 5 months of 2016 have been far more wonderful than all of 2015 was. So many great moments and feelings experienced for which I am eternally grateful for. Hoping all of you are giving and receiving good vibes, too 🙂

Featured image is of my friend and I last weekend. Tailgate + laughter = love

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