Montezuma, Costa Rica Must-Do List!

I spent a wonderful week in Montezuma and would love to share some highlights. Although short, I hope this list will be helpful as you navigate your way through this kooky little beach town 😉

1. Eat at the sodas –
Sodas are typically family-owned restaurants that sell traditional Costa Rican dishes for cheap. We ate at a soda 4 of the 6 days, and always ordered a casado with a fruit smoothie on the side. Our favorite was Soda Tipica Las Palmeras. HIGHLY recommend!

2. Hiking to El Chorro Waterfalls –
Without any stops, it’s a 2 hour walk from the town of Montezuma. Expect to go through a series of sandy beaches and woody trails until you reach a little beach cove that is Playa Cocolito,where El Chorro is located.

It took us 3 hours to get there because we stopped to swim at Playa Grande (30 minutes into our walk) and spent another hour trying to knock coconuts down from a tree 😉 The waterfall was surprisingly a little underwhelming that we didn’t even care to get a picture. But we did enjoy some time at Playa Cocolito before trekking 2 hours home as rain clouds approached. Expect this trip to take at least 5 hours total (walking, resting, exploring, etc.)

3. Montezuma Falls – 
This is a must see! From the base of the trail, it takes about 20 mins to get to the first waterfall (there are 2 other falls, but requires you to keep on ascending). You’re basically hopping from rock to rock along a stream of water. Once you arrive, you can jump in the swimming pool or just lounge on the rocks. We saw young kids and older adults doing it; it is pretty suitable for all ages and sizes! I wore sneakers, but my friend was barefoot and did fine. I would recommend wearing hiking water shoes if you decide to wear shoes at all! I would plan half your day for this trip.

4. Zip lining –
We used SunTrails for our zip lining adventure. For $45/person, it included a shuttle to pick us up from our hostel (5 min drive) and about 2 hours of adventure! You zip through 13 platforms to get amazing views of the jungle and Pacific Ocean. Towards the end, you reach the Montezuma Falls where they allow 30 minutes of free time. We jumped from the top of a waterfall, lounged on the rocks, swung on the rope, etc.

I would highly recommend SunTrails as the tour guides are fun yet professional, the gear and equipment are solid, and overall we felt safe and cared for. We definitely felt like we got our money’s worth for the service we received. Perfect way to spend our afternoon.

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