Montezuma, Costa Rica 2016 Recap

On this cloudy and rainy afternoon, I’m reminiscing about my one week stay in Montezuma in June of 2016. I want to share some pictures and maybe serve as a resource for any future travelers 🙂IMG_8755.JPG

Flying into Montezuma from San Jose with NatureAir. It was a small plane that probably fit 15 people max.The flight was about 30 minutes from the capital.

We arrived at about 4pm after 10+ hours of traveling. We got settled into the hostel (that is the view from our dining area), walked to Montezuma beach, and had a casado for dinner. Casado is a traditional Costa Rican dish that is a marriage of rice, beans, plantains, salad, meat or veggies. So yummy!


Every morning between 7-9am we woke up in our cabin nested in the trees. We can also see the Pacific Ocean in the distance! After throwing our bathing suits on, we walked down for breakfast that consisted of freshly baked bread, eggs, rice & beans, and fruit. We stayed at Luz en Cielo B&B for any wondering and I highly recommend it!! Friendly staff, delicious breakfast, clean, and affordable.


And quick view of our bathroom and one of the 2 queen size beds


On our first full day in Montezuma, we walked to El Chorro waterfalls. You can read more about it on my last post! The walk was so nice along the beach but trekking in sand, through woody trails, and mild rock climbing all while in flip flops is no joke! I thought my legs were legit going to fall off after our 6-7 hour walk, but I think the extreme humidity relaxed my muscles and I was fine an hour later!

We spent the entire next day being beach bums at Playa Grande! For most of the day there was no other human as far as our eyes could see. It was so awesome to have a huge stretch of sand to ourselves just frolicking 🙂 And attempting yoga poses haha

We ended our day by having dinner at Chelo Pizzeria. We had dinner here twice during our one week stay. The pasta dishes were so simple, had fresh ingredients, and just so yummy. It’s not overly dressed in sauce or cheese.. just how i like it!


The following day, we met Guy (on the right) at our hostel during breakfast. We decided to all go together and hike to Montezuma Falls. The waterfall behind us is just one of the 3 falls. There are 2 more above this one! The place was pretty packed with people of all ages lounging on the rocks and swimming. Quick note – Guy is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. No words to describe such an interesting person full of depth! So lucky we met him.

After the hike we went to Soda Tipica Las Palermas which won our hearts over tenfold. I’m sad even thinking about how I can’t eat their food right now. Every single day in CR we had fruit juices because they’re cheap, fresh, and delicious. I often got guava 😛 Also pictured are fried plantains and ceviche.


After our late lunch, we walked to this little beach to catch the sunset around 5:30. Being so close to the equator, the sun rises and sets early in CR. With the soft waves and mellow sunset, the world felt so still and calm in the moments captured above. Such a beautiful evening. Oh, and I couldn’t resist a quick crow 😉


Spent another day being absolute beach bums at Playa Grande. A sweet friend we met from Germany that stayed at our hostel came along and took a picture of us from ashore.


We then walked back to Soda Tipica and had casados for lunch. Hands down the best casado we had in Montezuma. I mean.. just look at that plate. Howler monkeys also kept us company as we had our late lunch.

On our last full day in Montezuma we went zip lining! I also wrote more about it on my last post. What I would give to zip through the jungle and have that Costa Rican wind blow in my hair right now 😉

Towards the end of the zip lining adventure we ended up at Montezuma Falls, but to the other 2 falls we didn’t get to see during our first visit. It is much less crowded up here since it’s difficult to get to.


In the top right photo, there’s a shirtless man with jorts on named Roger. He had all these fruits in his backpack and shared them all with us. He even let us try guaba for the first time 🙂 It’s hard to describe the taste, but imagine a mildly sweet, furry, soft fruit with seeds. You can tell he is obviously a local as he was hopping around the rocks like it was his second home. Even though there was a language barrier between us, I’ll never forget the vibes we exchanged. Such a sweet soul and would be so amazing if I ever met him again!


After zip lining, we stopped by the beach for our last swim of the trip.



And on our last day, we ate our delish breakfast, took one final photo at the hostel, and went our way to the local airport to hop on a flight to San Jose.


What I’ll miss most about this place is how nobody cares about superficial or materialistic things. We packed everything we really needed in a backpack and lived so simply for one week. Walking  around barefoot, wearing no makeup, living in our bathing suits, the humidity, walking everywhere, eating locally grown food, the list goes on and on.

Montezuma, you have our hearts. Pura Vida ❤

7 thoughts on “Montezuma, Costa Rica 2016 Recap

  1. snowtoseas says:

    Really fantastic post and photos! Thank you for sharing such incredible tips. There’s something about Costa Rica that absolutely fascinates me. I am determined to go there one day!


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