Greatest Compliment I Ever Received

No, it wasn’t about my superbly charming, intelligent, and romantic personality. I get that all the time.


Last night I received the greatest compliment ever. I am still so humbled that my heart wants to silently burst. At the dinner table, my mom randomly told me, “Ever since you started practicing yoga and meditation, you’ve become a lot calmer.” A little caught off guard, I replied, “Wait are you asking or telling me?” “I’m telling you. You’ve become a lot less reactive and easily upset.” I just about died.

You see, my very favorite part of a yoga practice is when we set our intention at the beginning of class. Why did we come today to our mat? Is it to relieve stress and anger? Is it to get a nice stretch? There is no right or wrong – it’s whatever you want to get out of the next hour. Mine has always been the same. Simply put, I step onto my mat to find patience. Having patience helps me become mindful, thereby allowing me to easily seek compassion and gratitude in all areas of life.

Patience has always been a problem for me. I’m easily irritable and fussy (#VirgoProblems) and it’s hard to get me out of that funk. Sometimes I react harshly, or perhaps passive aggressively, and every single time I regret my actions afterwards. I solely acted on my irritation, not based off logic. I let my emotions control me, when really I should be the one in control of my emotions.


I will continually be annoyed by things people say and do. Just as I will say or do things that annoy others. It’s a fact of life. But as soon as I’m mindful about my irritated feeling, I immediately breathe. No, really. Like intentionally take a deep inhale then a deep exhale. So deep that the breath is audible. I then ask myself, “How can I respond in a logical, respectful manner so I can better understand where they are coming from? I know they didn’t mean to intentionally irritate me so what made them say or do that?” This results in a cordial  interaction based off reasoning and wisdom, not off temporary fiery emotions.

It’s amazing how much weight can be lifted off your mind and heart when you possess patience. Now you have more room for love, compassion, kindness, gratitude. Yoga taught me that.

Be Still. Be Mindful. Be Easy. Woosah.

love, julie

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