Stop Feeding your Negative Narrative

One of the most liberating feelings is knowing we can take steps to create whatever life we dream of. The only things holding us back are our limiting beliefs. Why is it that we spend energy feeding into the negative narrative about how our life is supposed to be? We tell ourselves that life is meant to be stressful, money is always an issue, we don’t have enough support from friends and family, nobody understands us, it’s difficult to find a partner, our ideal body is impossible, etc. Maybe one of these may sound familiar to you: “money has always been a problem growing up, so I will continue to live paycheck by paycheck” or “dating is lame and all the good ones are taken” or “my life is a series of stressful events. I can never catch a break” Overtime we condition our minds to believe these statements as our truth.  The more we plant these negative thoughts into our mind, the more it becomes our reality. Remember our thoughts affect our actions and our actions create our reality. And then we wonder why we’re stressed, broke, lonely, single, and fat 🙄

It’s absurd the amount of sabotage we inflict on ourselves. Beginning today, simply change your narrative. Tell yourself that life is meant to be enjoyed, money comes easily, my friends want to see me succeed, my soulmate is out there waiting for me, I deserve a body I am in love with. Tell yourself that the universe is on your side and conspires in helping you achieve whatever it is that you want. Stop playing the victim; there is an abundance of support and joy if you seek it.

Let’s stop feeding into our negative narrative. That shit is depressing and we’re wasting our energy. You are the creator of your life, the writer of your story..


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