Morning Pages | Daily Journaling for Clarity and Productivity

Morning Pages has been a part of my morning routine since the beginning of 2017. Once I left my full-time job at the end of January, I found myself having slow, easy mornings to enjoy. My typical day usually starts off by turning on my “chill beats” playlist on Spotify, open up a clean page in my journal, and start fearlessly writing. With consistency, Morning Pages will provide more clarity, ease your anxieties, and increase your productivity.

I created a short and sweet video about Morning Pages here!
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Morning Pages is a concept from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It is a journaling exercise done first thing every morning. You write 3 pages of anything that crosses your mind. It’s not meant to sound like fancy writing; it barely even has to make sense. It is basically a mind dumping exercise to bring you more clarity for the rest of your day. However you happen to feel that morning, wether that’s stressed out, happy, grumpy, emotional, emotionless.. put it all on paper. That way, you have a clear mind and those thoughts aren’t eating at your consciousness all day.

Some things I like to write about are: my current thoughts & feelings, recap of the previous day, things I have to do today, what I’m grateful for, my dreams and aspirations, positive affirmations, and the occasional angry rant 😉 I like to write my thoughts exactly as they come into my mind. I don’t hold back; I just keep on writing. I find that Morning Pages has helped eased my anxieties, provide clarity, and increase my productivity.

The first page is typically easy and by the second and third page you may be at a loss of what to write. But keep going. Dig deep into all of the dark corners of your consciousness and you may discover new insight and breakthroughs.

The most important part is to not overthink Morning Pages. It is not meant to be an art. Just get into a state of flow and let your thoughts run wild. Three pages, every morning, & watch your clarity unfold.

Has anyone done this before? Let me know your experience! I really find that although life isn’t going 100% in my vision, I’m still focused on my goals and intentions through consistent journaling 🙂 Again check out my video here!



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