🌟 2018 Theme 🌟

Even if you aren’t a resolution setter, the sense of renewal that comes with a new year is contagious. It’s a slightly mysterious time of unknown met with optimism and possibilities! Aside from resolutions, I like to reflect on the past year and create an overall “theme” for the coming year. What did the blessings and challenges of 2017 teach me to create a better, stronger, more joyful 2018? Having a theme to focus on gives me a sense of purpose.

To give you an idea of what I mean by “theme”, here are examples of my past-

1. remove toxic relationships & find inner peace
2. enjoy the fruit of my labor
1. create my dream life
2. embrace uncertainty

So for 2018 my theme is…


YAY! 😍

Ever heard of the quote, “analysis causes paralysis”? That’s me in a nutshell. It’s in my nature to overanalyze everything I say and do for fear of being judged. I often find myself in my head thinking about how to do X Y and Z but never actually doing it. And honestly, it’s because I’m afraid to fail.

My brain associates failure with wasted time and effort, embarrassment, defeat, and feeling unaccomplished. Instead I need to view failure as an opportunity to improve.  Learn to embrace the learning process instead of always trying to “get it right”. Making mistakes just means that I’m trying, learning, changing, living. Failure is inevitable, what matters is how I deal with it.

Another part of doing is just simply not procrastinating. There are some things I don’t necessarily “fear” doing, I’m just lazy..😕 For example –

Instead of debating wether I should go workout, just do. I will never regret it.
Instead of putting off folding my laundry, just do. It’ll be less wrinkly.
Instead of hitting the snooze button 5x, just do. I will be less rushed.
Instead of contemplating wether I should wear that shirt, just do. Who gives a shit.
Instead of writing about that topic, just do. I never know who can relate.
Instead of putting off that big task, just do. Start with small steps.
Instead of putting off that small task, just do. Get it over with.

Do you kinda get my drift here? Anyways, I want to know what your New Year’s resolutions or themes are. I’d love if you would share them with me in the comments below! Here’s to wishing you a successful, joyful, and healthy 2018 ❤

love, Julie

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