Vivid Vision | Journaling Exercise

Hi friends! You know how much I enjoy journaling so I wanted to share this visual journaling exercise called Vivid Vision.

Pretend it’s January 10, 2021. How do you envision your life? More specifically, where do you live? Who do you live with? What’s your favorite hobby? What’s your job? Any kids? How many dogs? How do you look? These are some questions to answer in your Vivid Vision!

Vivid Vision is a journaling exercise that asks you to vividly describe what your life looks like in three years from today. Cameron Herold initially developed this practice to reach business goals, but it can easily be applied to reaching your dream life. Close your eyes and envision your life three years out. Paint an image of how you view your health, career, social life, relationships, mindset, or whatever else you value.


Visualization is a powerful tool. Think about track athletes who prepare for races by closing their eyes and imagining themselves jumping over those hurdles and winning. You have a better chance of achieving when you are able to visualize.

It’s important that you don’t get fixed on the how. Just describe your future without worry of how it will be achieved. When you read this vision everyday, you will naturally begin to consciously and subconsciously make decisions to help you achieve those goals. Reading your words everyday will also help you believe them as your truth. The more you embody your vivid vision, the closer you are to manifesting it.

tips for writing your Vivid Vision
✨ Mind Dump. Block 30 mins – 1 hr of  uninterrupted time, open a page and start describing your future without worry of being too outlandish. The more ambitious and specific, the better! If it sounds silly, it’s probably worth including.
✨ Bring your senses and emotions into it. Literally close your eyes and feel what your surroundings would be like because it help makes your vision feel more real.
✨ Keep this where you can view it everyday. Write it as a note on your phone, laptop, journal, etc. It’s important that it’s always within reach and read often.

So this is quite personal, but I’m sharing my Vivid Vision with you in hopes that it can inspire you to begin writing as well 🙂

draft 2.png

Click for PDF version!

I’ve read other Vivid Vision where it gets way more specific than mine, like getting down to desired salary or city they live in. Just remember that everyone’s vision is completely different because we all value different things 🙂 I would love to hear your thoughts on this journaling exercise and even if you shared a snippet of your Vivid Vision! Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday ❤

💫 resources-
1. Cameron Herold – Vivid Vision
2. Lavendaire – How to Plan Your Dream Life

love, Jules


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