Creating a Vision Board on Instagram *2018 UPDATED!*

One of my very first blog posts was about creating a vision board on Instagram. It’s by far my most popular post since I see people reading it every day so I decided to do an update!

I was on this high after watching The Secret (available on Netflix!) and learning more about the Law of Attraction that I set out to get a cork board and a bunch of old magazines to create my dream vision board. It didn’t go as I had hoped because..
1. where are all the old magazines when you need them
2. there’s unfortunately not a lot of motivating/inspiring things in Us Weekly (the only magazine I was subscribed to..don’t ask).

So, I figured the next best thing was to create a digital vision board using Instagram! You can read my original post here. Basically, it is much easier to find inspirational pictures and quotes that align with our vision on the internet, especially with resources like Pinterest, Google Images, and Instagram. Your vision board should depict exactly the things you want to manifest, so this digital version allows for more autonomy and creativity.

Now if you’re not sure why vision boards are so amazing, it’s basically a tool to help manifest things and feelings into your life. Visualization is so powerful! By looking at the things you want to bring into your life everyday, you are one step closer to making it a reality ✨ Imagine, believe, achieve ✨ Here’s a great article about vision boards by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul 🙂 definitely check it out!

I’m happy to report that some of the more tangible items on my board back in 2016 have since become a reality and the mantras have been staples in my life ❤ You can see the first version of my digital vision board here.

Here’s a snapshot of the things I want to manifest beginning in 2018 and mantras I want to remember always.


Another big reason why I love this digital vision board is we can caption these pictures to make our intention that much clearer and powerful. Anything to help strengthen this manifestation process, am I right? For example…

ex 1.png


ex 2


Just make a separate Instagram account aside from your personal one for this project.

Since the vision board is on Instagram, you can view it any time you need inspiration. Honestly as soon as I put up that photo of the woman running by the cherry blossoms, I immediately felt inspired to go to the store to pick up my first pair of running shoes. And so I did! Just waiting for normal, warmer weather in DC to arrive 😉

Hope you guys enjoyed this and end up trying it. Share with me if you do!! As always, let me know if you have any questions. Happy Monday 💕


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