One Year Anniversary

It’s officially been one year (& 13 days) since I met the love of my life!


I’ll never forget our first date when we met for drinks in Arlington. The moment we made eye contact across the bar, I was so thankful I didn’t get catfished. Kidding. On a more serious note – when we hugged each other goodbye at the end of our six hour date, I didn’t want to let go. I knew I just met someone special.

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It’s kind of funny how mine and Tim’s paths aligned before we actually even met. I worked at a company for five years before leaving at the end of January 2017. About two weeks later, Tim happened to join that same company. Even more coincidental is that he ended up inheriting my old phone number, keyboard, and employee ID number. I’ll take that as a little sign from the universe ✨


It makes me emotional to reflect on the past year of our relationship but more than anything, my heart wants to burst into a million pieces. Tim has a heart of gold, especially for those he cares about. Little things like helping my grandma out of the car or hugging my mom makes me melt. I love that he loves my friends and family like they’re his own. He’s got character built from years of hard work that you, too, would come to see why I admire his drive and ambition. He even told me he loves me more than he loves Tom Brady 😍

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Meeting Tim is another testament to my belief that you can create the life of your dreams. You can have the career you want, the partner you want, the lifestyle you want. Do not settle because the exact thing or person you desire is also seeking you 💫

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To my sports-loving, Miller Lite-drinking freckled Irish guy, I am lucky beyond measure to have you as my partner in life. Never has my heart felt so full. You are my number one cheerleader that supports even my littlest of feats, like when I ran for five minutes without stopping (I really hate running). You never judge me for my constant mistakes and weird quirks. In fact, I’m sorry you started picking some up 🤓 Thank you for loving me the way that you do. Cheers to our first year together, and forever to go ❤


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