4 Tips for Writing a Good Gratitude Journal

It's a snow day here in DC! It also happens to be March 21, the second day of spring.. but we'll look past that. I'm always happy for a mid-week snow day while it's still somewhat acceptable ūüôā Today I wanted to share 4 tips for keeping a gratitude journal, a daily practice I picked … Continue reading 4 Tips for Writing a Good Gratitude Journal

The Little Things #5

Rapping¬†the entire verse of a song without stuttering #goals Privilege of hot water showers Making vacation plans with your loved ones Taking your bra off after a long day¬†#nogreaterfeeling Peanut¬†butter smeared on toasted bread topped with¬†banana slices When it's quiet enough to hear yourself blink Enjoying that¬†$12 craft cocktail on a Saturday night I could … Continue reading The Little Things #5